June 2007

Started operation with a five people team in Pune, India. Objective was to build an organization that provided a highly dependable choice for Outsourced Product Development. Technology focus was on Embedded devices for Networking and Consumer Electronics.

July 2008

Became Silver Level partner with Microsoft's Embedded Partner Program. There were only 27 other companies globally that had this recognition at that time.

March 2009

First significant engagement for development of mobile software with DirecTV in USA. Developed NFL streaming app on BlackBerry which was claimed to be the world's first commercial live streaming app.

December 2011

Expanded our services to include User Experience Design to support the growing need for UX Design for mobile apps. At a smaller scale we were providing UX services to some of our customers since November 2010.

April 2012

Started a development center in Bengaluru with a view to work closely with our multinational customers having their own development centers in Bengaluru.

June 2012

Completed five successful years of operation. Success is exemplified by long term association with customers like AT&T Labs, Citrix and Quick Heal, and an employee retention rate of 98%.

May 2013

Established Spring CT Europe Limited with a view to serve our European customers better.

Today, with an engineering strength of over 200, we are serving customers in 18 countries across North America, Europe and Asia.

Partnership with Kurento Technologies
April 19, 2016

Spring CT has entered into a partnership program with Kurento Technologies in Spain. Kurento has a real time multimedia service developed as an evolution of Kurento Media Server. In addition to the Beta testing program, the partnership is to facilitate the communication and analysis of opportunities related to new projects of the partners in the WebRTC space.

Spring CT Helps in Secure Chat App
May 16, 2015

Spring CT recently developed a Secured Chat application for one of the leading security product companies. The challenge was to build features similar to WhatsApp with additional security considerations such as strong data encryption, user authentication via LDAP, enforcement of enterprise policies for chat control, and auditing capabilities at server.

Build Innovative Products with Internet of Things (IoT)
September 5, 2014

Internet of Things (IoT) offers advanced connectivity of devices, systems and services covering a variety domains and applications. As IoT gains momentum, we are ready to support our customers in building products leveraging the technology. We recently joined hands with a French company to build innovative products for home automation.

Spring CT Helps in Mobile App Containerization
June 10, 2014

With growing use of mobile workflows, companies need to provide access to corporate information on BYOD devices. Data protection becomes a key requirement. Spring CT has partnered with a global leader in talent management solutions to containerize their apps with leading providers like Good and Mobile Iron.

Spring CT to Build Customer Relationship Management Platform
February 17, 2014

Spring CT has partnered with a leading technology company in Kuwait to deliver mobility solutions to their customers. An important objective of the partnership is to build a customer relationship management platform that can be used to deliver services to a variety of consumer facing businesses. Key features of the platform are loyalty programs, campaign management, notifications, online transactions, POS integration, and analytics.

Spring CT to Help A Major Network Infrastructure Company to Build MDM Products
September 26, 2013

A global leader in network infrastructure solutions, that is now building mobile device management products, has chosen Spring CT to contribute to this development. Spring CT will build various components of the MDM platform on mobile devices and on the servers. Spring CT's strong experience in MDM and other security technologies and impressive track record was a key factor in this decision.